This is documentation for v10, which is no longer actively maintained.
For up-to-date documentation, see the latest version.

Execution Options

Execution options are provided when a schema is made executable. The options range from allowing a maximum execution timeout to providing a maximum execution complexity.

We have built in some options that limit the execution engine in order to protect the overall performance of your GraphQL Server.


EnableTracingboolfalseEnables tracing for performance measurement of query requests. *
ExecutionTimeoutTimeSpanTimeSpan.FromSeconds(30)The maximum allowed execution time of a query.
IncludeExceptionDetailsboolDebugger.IsAttachedIncludes exception details into the GraphQL errors. **
MaxExecutionDepthint?nullThe maximum allowed query depth of a query.
QueryCacheSizeint100The amount of queries that can be cached for faster execution.
MaxOperationComplexityint?nullThe allowed complexity of queries.
UseComplexityMultipliersbool?nullSpecifies if multiplier arguments are used to calculate the query complexity.
ForceSerialExecutionbool?nullUsed for EntityFramework to have request be done in one thread.

* Performance tracing is based on Apollo Tracing. The specification can be found here.

** The exception details that are included into GraphQL errors can also be modified by implementing an IErrorFilter. See more about that here.