The ChilliCream GraphQL Platform

An end-to-end solution to build, manage and access your GraphQL API

The heart of the ChilliCream platform is Hot Chocolate our core for the GraphQL client and server. The ChilliCream platform provides developer tools and services to speed up the entire development process.

Hot Chocolate

Hot Chocolate is our GraphQL server and provides core libraries for Strawberry Shake, our GraphQL client, and our GraphQL tools. No wonder why Hot Chocolate is the ChilliCream's platform core.

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Banana Cake Pop

Banana Cake Pop is our tool to explore schemas, execute operations and get deep performance insights about any GraphQL server out there.

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Strawberry Shake

Strawberry Shake is our client tool to generates custom .Net clients for any GraphQL endpoint.

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Marshmallow Pie

Keep track of all clients that depend on your GraphQL endpoints.