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Banana Cake Pop


A powerful GraphQL IDE that joins you and your team on your GraphQL journey.

Authentication Flows

Choose between various authentication flows like basic, bearer or OAuth 2.

Organization Workspaces

Organize your GraphQL APIs and collaborate with colleagues across your organization with ease.

Document Synchronization

Keep your documents safe across all your devices and your teams.

PWA (Progressive Web Application) Support

Use your favorite Browser to install Banana Cake Pop as PWA on your Device without requiring administrative privileges.

Beautiful Themes

Choose your single preferred theme or let the system automatically switch between dark and light theme.

GraphQL File Upload

Implements the latest version of the GraphQL multipart request spec.

Subscriptions over SSE (Server-Sent Events)

Supports GraphQL subscriptions over Server-Sent Events.

Performant GraphQL IDE

Lagging apps can be frustrating. We do not accept that and keep always an eye on performance so that you can get your task done fast.

Subscriptions over WS (WebSockets)

Supports GraphQL subscriptions over WebSocket as well as the Apollo subscription protocol.

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