Service & Support

Get quick access to ChilliCream experts

Efficiency is everything. Make your team more productive and ship your product faster to market. Get immediate access to a pool of ChilliCream experts which will support you along your journey.

Developer Support

Obtain dedicated support for your team and work closely together with ChilliCream experts to design, build and ship your GraphQL API. Furthermore the ChilliCream experts will assist you with integration of existing systems, best practices, application life-cycle management, developer workflows and many other things which are not listed here.

  • Private Slack Channel with ChilliCream experts for your team
  • Architecture, Code and Schema reviews

Training & Workshop

Let your team itself become experts on the ChilliCream GraphQL platform with dedicated training sessions and workshops.

  • Learn from ChilliCream experts, what GraphQL is, what it can do and how to use it
  • Private training sessions, customized to your needs and requirements

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