Strawberry Shakev13

Migrate Strawberry Shake from 12 to 13

This guide will walk you through the manual migration steps to update your Strawberry Shake GraphQL client to version 13.

How to update

In this release we tried to simplify the setup of Strawberry Shake by introducing meta packages for specific use cases. For this reason upgrading has become a little different than just bumping all of the version numbers.

1. Update tools

Update StrawberryShake.Tools in the dotnet-tools.json file to the latest 13.x.x:

"version": 1,
"isRoot": true,
"tools": {
"": {
"version": "13.0.2",
"commands": ["dotnet-graphql"]

2. Cleanup packages

Remove the following packages from your project:

  • StrawberryShake.CodeGeneration.CSharp.Analyzers
  • StrawberryShake.Transport.Http
  • StrawberryShake.Transport.WebSockets

3. Update packages

Update all of the remaining StrawberryShake.* packages in your project to the latest 13.x.x.

4. Clean project

Run dotnet clean and remove the Generated directory or the directory you designated as outputDirectoryName in the .graphqlrc.json file.

5. Install meta package

Select one of the new meta packages we created for StrawberryShake, depending on your use case:

StrawberryShake.BlazorFor Blazor projects, use this package in your project, and we pre-configured it to generate Razor components automatically and use a client-side store for reactive web applications.
StrawberryShake.MauiFor Maui projects, use this package in your project, and we pre-configured it to generate and use a client-side store for reactive mobile applications.
StrawberryShake.ServerFor consoles or backend-to-backend communication, we have the server profile, which does not have a client store but gives you a strongly typed client.

Install the latest 13.x.x of that meta package into your project.

6. Generate C# types

Run dotnet build to generate the C# types from your .graphql documents.

Breaking changes

Things that have been removed or had a change in behavior that may cause your code not to compile or lead to unexpected behavior at runtime if not addressed.

No more Source Generators

Strawberry Shake does now no longer use Source Generators to create C# types from your .graphql documents. Mainly because Source Generators can not (yet) be chained, so this led to lots of problems with Source Generators interfering with each other.

Consequently there isn't a v13 of the StrawberryShake.CodeGeneration.CSharp.Analyzers NuGet package.

Instead of Source Generators we are now using MSBuild. This means that C# types from your .graphql documents are only generated once you build your project.